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Used Chevette Panels


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Right due to family circumstances i have had move the spare shell i had at my bro's farm, nowhere to store it so i've cut it up for panels. Below is listed what i have managed to salvage with a quick description of its condition and prices for each.

Car was a chevette hatch.

Front nose cone straight but does need some patch repair here and there, cut behind the headlamp mounts - £80

Roof, no sunroof straight but with surface rust, removed below the gutter with approx 3" offront pillar - £80

Rear panel, cut at the quater panel joint with 1mm slitting disk with appox 8" boot floor attached - £60

Scuttle panel with approx 6" of bulkhead attached - £25

Inner wings, cut from bulkhead to front light mounting, need repair to wing mounting rail - £60 each

Floorpan including tunnel complete from rear seat fob to original front spot weld seam, looks to be totally intact but i havent removed the sound deadening pads - £80

Chassis legs, cut just behind suspension x-membermounts both side, joined by front x member - £40

Rear quarter panels, cut off below the roof gutter, includes outer section of inner wheel arch and all internal panels. Wheel arches are good and panels are straight bottom edges are rusted but repair sections are available - £125 each

Rear chassis legs including wheel arch inner and floor no signs of any real rot - £35 each

Doors, need some repair but basic structure is good - £50 each

Do have wings but i'm going to patch them up first.

All price are ONO, contact me and i'll try n get pics if anyone needs them.



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Carboard will be fine. I have full inner/outer quareters with tubs etc already, just wanted to check the condition to see if they were any better, but look about the same.



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