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Part No. 90125284 - Clamp For Speedo Driven Gear (5 Speed Getrag)


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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a source in the UK where I can get the above part from please? It's a small clip that holds the worm gear on the shaft inside the gearbox, the worm then driving the speedo.

I can get one from the USA but it would be quicker to get one here if possible...

Thanks and best regards


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Hey Stuart

Unless your local helpful vauxhall dealer can get you one i've not found anywhere over here.

I got a new speedo drive set from thomas at Edelshmiede.com. It might be worth dropping him an email to see if he can just supply the clam.

He is super helpful and has an awsome ascona. http://www.edelschmiede.com/


and postage on parts is about 3 euros and only takes a few days.


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