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New Owner Of "hovis" Aka Helga


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right where to start! i bought the manta off rapierdave from this forum around april i think and well she was a dream and didnt miss a beat apart from the speedo working but that still isnt working and im not too bothered! but then the crankseal decided to spit its guts so that was it for driving her like a mentalist! so since then shes had new gearbox seals, new crank seals and a fresh tune on the rolling road and its been smiles for days getting her sweet backside out and drinking the juice! well anyway onto the pictures! sorry for the dust and dirt on her but shes seen a few lanes and country roads lately :D











well thats a few rattled out! if any of you knew the car before then you can see ive removed the tints and sprayed the bonnet back to black and i feel this gives her that old school kick again! im hoping to get to a show as soon as possible so if anythings around the corner then im more than happy!



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Callum,Dave, think it might be correct without the SR decal, i have a R-reg and it's only a 'S' i think the 'SR' branding started in 1977.

Your right Ian the correct badge should read MANTA S

Mick the original owner of Hovis fitted the SR decal after the respray because the boot lid looked a bit bare without any thing.

Callum are you getting the emails that Martin Meadon the South Wales OMOC rep sends out ref meets & shows?

The next big meet for us Wales & West guys is Sunday August 18th at Retro Rides Prescott Hill near Cheltenham Gloucestershire.

It is a good day out your welcome to join us.


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Doesn't she look well, not sure on the shiny bonnet though, it was defo a 1.9 S as I removed the original badges, but looked better with the SR, if you didn't know the full resto is on here that I did to it, the crack in the rear boot spoiler was caused when it was fitted to another SR I had in 1990 when an old fart rear ended me, never seen one fitted to another, keep putting that Dynax into the swans and all the other nooks and crannies and Hovis will live for quite some time, :-)

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thank you all for the comments! and i really am enjoying the car! dave the manta sticker started to peel so i admitted defeat and removed it completely! and yes dave i'm also getting the emails.

also the gte look could be something for the future but i'm also toying with the idea of it totally colour matched

yes any shows i'm more than interested and any local meets, count me in!

im also looking for a cav chin spoiler too if anyone knows of any??

taa v much!


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yeah buddy! thanks for it, did chuckle when i opened it! will have to get some pics up with it on around the car and pop to the shows in it! house purchase may force sale shortly :( but not too sure so if anyones intrested give me a message.

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Hi Callum

We have a spare pass for the club stand at the Retro Rides meet at Prescott on Sunday 18th August if you fancy joining the convoy up from South Wales & Bristol here are the details.

Daniel, Rob and Martin will meet up with Darren at the Home base Chepstow postcode NP16 5TY just off junction 2 of the M48 at 7.25 for the short run over the old bridge to Jame's aiming to leave Jame's with Dave between 7.45 & 8:00.

This should get us to the McDonald in Cheltenham GL51 9PX, (Kingsditch Retail Park) at about 8.45, which is where we met Mike & Ade last year. We'll then get to Prescott around 9.00am.
The retail park is just off the A4019 Tewkesbury Rd., by "Swindon Village" and on the way to Prescott.
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hello dave! thanks for the reply and i'm totally game to go now but will probably be shooting up with the missus a bit later on so will just have to meet you guys there! may not be able to make it in the manta though :( as I've been having problems with the alternator! is basically not charging the batt atall and when i'm using a few electric items it really isn't too happy! you've gotta try really hard to keep it revving! so going to have to source a new alternator and also the electric fuel pump seems to have packed in so will need a new one of those :P the alternator is the bugger though! I've got a delco-remy one on there with a part number of 002-5-26-8-45A but I'm not too sure what amp alternator i need!? and any good ones on ebay floating about? any light!!? cheeeeers!

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