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Rare 1981 Mk1 Cavalier

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Interesting MK1 Cav 1600 GL saloon with a 6 clock dash & head restraints, wonder if this was fitted from new as its a late model.

For sale in Milton Keynes, Mr Virco have you seen this one?


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This is virtually identical to the white saloon I had a couple of years ago, in fact I did a double take when I spotted it on ebay before noticing the only differences were the reg number and that mine had half the mileage :)

Mine had head restraints and a 6 dial dash from new. Paul, I've just checked some old photos of mine and my dash said "OEL" as well, and I'm 99.9% sure it was original. I think some of the very late W plate cars ended up getting close to GLS spec just to use up some left over parts.



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Yeah its genuine. Very late cavalier. I also have a W reg Cav which only has a 3 clock dash but was manufactured in 1980. This will be a 81 manufactured motor - wonder where it was made Belguim or Speke or Luton? Not sure which production line was the last to be tooled up for Cav Mk2 production

It has the passenger mirror, headrests and clocks, not left over bits but genuine attempt by GM to keep interest in an old obsolete design as the Mk2 Cavalier was nearing commercial release. Looks a very nice car.

No I'm not interested in it! only commenting if "DarthWife" is viewing this forum.

I'll never join you and the dark side! My GM collection will stay!

If only I could find a 1981 spec Sappire blue GL or GLS Cavalier saloon?

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