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Corsa Z14Xe Running Problems

E416 PBO

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Looking for yer views on this problem lads,

I've a 2001 Corsa with a z14xe engine.

If I rev the engine slowly on the street, It revs perfect.

If I drive the car, put my foot down to accelerate, when the engine reaches approx. 2000rpm, it loses power for 2 or 3 seconds, feels lik its dead, then it revs another bit to approx. 2500rpm and repeats the problem & so on as I try to rev engine further.

Any ideas at all?

The car idles perfectly.

No fault codes recorded.


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I checked fuel pressure at the rail, its staying even.

Took out 1st oxygen sensor, and checked for back pressure with a gauge,nothing building up!

Its only revs fine upon the street if you do.it gently.

If U do it had it seems to miss a little.

If U accelerate gently driving, it only eases the problem a tiny bit. It U accelerate hard it multiplies the problem

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compression test

coil breaking down under load maybe ... you probably checked that already .

check resistances on cam/crank sensors ,lambda sensor or how about check the timing belt marks and condition of woodruff key on bottom pulley .

have a look at live data , if the ecu is no good you will get spurious readings .

has the car been standing ? petrol gone off ?

is it fly by wire ? maybe a tps or throttle body ..... it could be anything :wacko:

hope you sus it

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I can't see compression being a problem when it revs fine when not driving.

I've put a different coil in, no change.

I've recorded and graphed the injector opening times, the throttle body voltage, pretty much as much electrical stuff as I can and nothing unusual is showing.

Throttle position sensor is not showing up anything wrong.

this is becoming a PAIN!!!


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