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Manta A Series Rolling Shell And Rally Parts For Sale


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for sale due to change of plans .. A series rolling shell 1972 tax exempt for sale very good condition excellent doors with no rust ,superb floorpans mimimal welding requiured surely one of the nicest available condition wise underneath is excellent as isn the boot where even the wheel well is excellent..stripped to bare metal inside and is mega impressive inner sills are excellent..a very good clean example of this car ...£1800 ..rolling shell consists of original standard1.9 engine gear box torque tube and a series axle and front crossmember and all suspension

manta a safety devices full roll cage complete with door bars and x bar to the rear section £450

ford 4 speed straight cut tran x gearbox with opel conversion plate and bell housing just bolts straight on comes with gearstick £600

manta a series complete rear axle with rose jointed steel torque tube 5;1 clutch type lsd with proper enem cwp..no noises or whines runs perfect and works a treat..£1200

chevette bias pedal box £100

manta 2.4 cih engine 185 bhp at wheels at 6300 rpm 11.25;1 compresion ratio.. farndon steel crank,farndon forged steel conrods, manta 400 con rod bolts, omega forged pistons, 400 thick wall block, big valve head, with enem cam, solid lifters , vernier pulley, notch ring cometition head gasket,baffled sump , ap paddle clutch, £2000

5 speed professional quaiffe roller bearing gearbox to fit above fully rebuilt and unrun with new mainshaft ..£1200.

everything is here to build the car into rally spec ..all you have to buy is seats and belts and sundries laminated screen and all glass is also available ..pm for any details ..or contact 07814013838

spare manta a shell and loads of trim bumpers axles etc available

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