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Show Me Your Power Caps (Xe)


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Ok..... so the manta made it to Billing and back under its own steam (unlike the mondeo which got towed in the end)... and now im on to tidying up the niggly bits of the conversion.

So my first issue is induction clearance on the bonnet.

The standard injection manifold had an elbow on it made from rubber. My brothers ecoshite calibra has the same pipe.... and you can just about make it out on this pic..


So I bought a power cap.....


And this too hits the bonnet, a lot.... but to me it doesnt look right. What do you think?


Theres no way im modifying the bonnet. I did that for the 2.0L 8valve I dropped in and I want to keep the standard look on the exterior. Whats everyone else done to clear the bonnet? Show me some picks!

I have another question!

The power cap I bought came with an Airflow meter and a rather buggered k and N cone filter. The airflow meter has a bigger electrical plug than the one on my Redtop, yet the one i bought was listed for an XE? any reason for this?

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not sure about your AFM looks very different to what i have seen before , not sure if there is two types of throttle body , pm me your address steve got a nice set of bolts for your powercap

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