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1800 Oil Grade For Engine


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hello..whats all you 1800 guys use for engine oil?

had 15w/40 mineral in mine but tends to hold light on for 2-3 secs when cold or been stood overnight.

it ok when ran or hot..thinking 10w/40 castrol magnatec semi for a alternative? your views will be very much welcomed... :)

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I'm using Vauxhall 10w40 semi in the Astra thats just under 200,000 miles, the Cavalier @ 156,000 and Omeag at 175,000. plus the Mantas also use the same but they have a lower mileage

Oil i think is quite a personal thing. I use the GM stuff because its a good oil and a good price, paid up OMOC members can use the Trade Clud card and get 4 x 5ltr cans for the price of three.

On a personal note i wouldn't use Castrol even i a lawn mower as i causes problems on the V6 engine, others will say otherwise



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