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Omega Auto Gearbox Fluid Change.


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Don't quite know where or who to ask, so maybe someone on here knows.

I've had a 2.6 2002 omega to do up and sell on. It has an auto box fault in which it's slow to change up when cold, and will randomly change down when warm..

I decided to give it a fluid and filter change using genuine GM products. I have drained the oil, fitted a new filter and refilled the oil.... However the gear changes are worse now than ever. It's loosing drive too.

This gear box has no dip stick like older auto boxes. It has a level plug on the side of the sump. When I first took the level plug out I lost around 2 litres of fluid, and now I can't get that fluid back in???? Is there another way to get fluid into this box or am I doing it wrong?

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Should go something like this

Fill the box with engine off until the oil starts to come out of the filler hole. Run engine/take for a short drive. Back on ramp with engine running with handbrake and foot brake on run it through all the gears and then back to park

With the engine still running take the filler plug back out and fill until starts to come out again.

If the problem is still there take the small sump at the front of the trans off and see if there is any plastic or metal filings in there, if so then the thrust wash has gone which is a box re-build



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