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Noisy First Gear - Help!


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As of this morning, I've started getting a high pitched noise coming from first. I can only describe it as a similar sound to when a fan belt is going.

First thing that came to mind is bearings or a tooth missing maybe...

Anybody got any insight?

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First thing would be to drop the oil out of the box to see if you have any metal pieces in it, if not re-fill the box but make sure you can get the fill plug out first before draining

If you find metal in the dropped oil you know you have a problem and can put the feelers out for a new box



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I have a feeling this might actually be to do with the clutch now.

The noise seems to be less evident but is still there slightly.

If in neutral, clutch in and a few revs, it will make the sound.

I'll be getting this looked at soon but has anyone experience this before or have any further clues?

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If its noisy in neutral with clutch down and it goes away when clutch up i'd say it was clutch thrust bearing related. Does the pedal/cable have enough freeplay so the bearing is not pressing on the clutch all the time?

The other thing it could be is the spigot bearing in the back of the crank, these can make a "screech" too.


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Think I've nailed it and after all that it's not clutch related at all.

I think it's the alternator. As soon as I turn on the lights on or anything for that matter, the noise comes in all gears and is mainly present when you give it some revs and sometimes just slightly there when the cars idle.

I'm assuming it's the belt or a bearing or something? At least it should be easier to fix than a clutch or gear issue.

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