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Manta Power Steering Column


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For sale is a complete power steering conversion kit for Manta B's (manta A kits available soon)

This is a combination of corsa B and manta columns, included in the kit is a speed controller and wiring kit including all the wires/ fuse with holder/ and terminals you need to fit it.
Its built to take all the standard manta switchgear, steering wheel and the original manta cowling will even still fit. This is to keep the standard look of the car.
The mounting brackets have been made so the column motor tucks up behind the dashboard towards the passenger side so there is no need for major work to fit it. All that required is the drivers lower dash needs a small piece trimming out and the passenger lower dash needs a reinforcing web trimming back from the rear of it. You can just see the lower part of the column sticking bellow the dash, but this is not visible when driving or when stood next to the car looking in.
Apart from that there are 6 wires to connect and 2 holes to drill for the extra rear mount. You will also need to swap across your switchgear and ignition barrel from your current column (only 4 bolts)

The speed controller comes with an adjustable dial to set the amount of assistance to match your needs and the car setup. On a standard manta with 195 tyres and a normal rack i have the adjuster set to around 1/3rd and can turn from lock to lock with the palm of my hand (just like a modern car) yet the steering still feels responsive and doesn't get too light at motorway speeds.
If you're running a quick-rack or 400 sized wheels (or both) there is plenty of adjustment to lighten the steering a little more

For a complete column with controller the price is £220 plus £15 delivery to mainland UK or you can collect from Harrogate N,York's
If you send me your old manta column in exchange I'll take £20 off the price

I also make mounts for the steering ECU that allows it to be mounted bellow the washer tray for and extra £10

Any questions just ask

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