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Cih Turbo

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Worms - can of - open.... there are many factors that have to be considered, firstly how's big your wallet? then how much experience do you have/how much can you do yourself? then what speck/horsepower are you aiming for? are you upgrading the transmition to match? each answer will be more questions, there isn't just one way of turbocharging an engine.

perhaps it might be easier to decide what horsepower you want and investigate the various ways of achiving that, turbocharging could be an expensive and complicated way of getting something that could be done cheaper and simpler another way.

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Thanks for the reply sorry for the delay in replying, sounds like the turbo option is not the way forward what is your best advise to get as much bhp out of the cih engine without going silly! I guess im after as much power as possible without risking reliability issues. Im happy to spend a fair amount of money, I have read in a few places about fitting other engines like saab turbos and the 16 v astra engines but I would ideally like to keep it as standard as possible but cost is always a consideration and I have not really looked into the cost of doing up the standard engine or doing an engine swap.

Thanks for your advise in advance.



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you can tune the CIH engine and your budget will dictate how much power you get - improve it abit with a flowed head, another cam, better exhaust, etc a little further you can put on a set of webbers or then you can go mad and build something like Risse motorsport create -


Perhaps more cost effective would be to go to the Fabled 16 valve XE engine, not original but some argue a XE powered Manta is the car Opel should have made if it were not for the 16 valve Astra/kaddette being in the range at the same time.

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Hi Matt

Chris (lamchop77) on here is your man for CIH stuff.

Lots of good bits here:


http://www.opelgt.com/forums (rally bob)


You can also drop the 2.2/2.4 CIH engine in them (2.4 from Frontera A)

and my own CIH effort :-)


Im more a CIH than red top person!

Hope some of this helps.


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