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Short answer:

It can be done. You need to find a way of mounting a compressor to the engine and running a belt to it. Don't know what engine you have, but the 2.2 had power steering so there are mounting points and a spare groove on the crank pulley you can use.

Then you'll need to mount a condenser somewhere, and get high pressure hoses made up.

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Opel did fit A/C to some Manta's. Most of the ac units were fitted to left hand drive cars. There are three cars in the uk that have ac fitted, the three cars all have a/c retro fitted from left hand drive cars. Nick Webb wrote a complete guide for the OMOC mag several years ago.

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Hi John great engine bay. I'm assuming the air con is not standard. If it's not could you send me as much information as possible regarding the installation? What unit did you use, where can it be sourced, any problems with the installation

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The AC in Johns car is all GM parts except for the odd item.

You will need:

Evaporator and box from a LHD Manta which you will need to modify to fit the RHD Heater matrix box, search Europe for these parts

Dryer, any AC Shop will be able to supply

Wiring loom: will need to have one made as a one off as all the OE looms (if you can find one )are LHD

Pipe pressure and low pressure pipes: Will need to have these made by a specialist

Compressor: These are Delco narrow body units which you can still pick up in the US but they do cost.

Compressor bracket and adjuster will have to be made from scratch as there are none around

Compressor belt idler wheel is from an AC Calibra with single V Pully, buy a couple as they blow the bearings quite quick

Conderser, these can still be found new from the US

9' Fan for the condenser is a Bosch unit but very very hard to find .

Heater control slider and bracket for the dash, again quite hard to find

Recirculation flap cable will have to made

and then you will need to cut a hole in the bulk head behind the glove box for the recirculation and make it water tight

Failing that you might be able to find a company that can supply and off the shelf pattern kit (one kit fits all) but it won't look anything like a standard set up

Thing to remember is AC was only an option in Europe and at almost 2k on top of the car price you can see why there are not many around or second hand parts for sale

Keep you eyes pealed on German Ebay. as Johns car is in bits at the moment and you want some pics of the different parts then just drop me a PM with an email address and i'll send some over, or i can post here what ever is easier, come to think of it i should get on with the project write up i started



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Warmer climate?......Australia?

If so wait until the cars here and retro fit AC, parts (although not manta Specific) are plentiful and cheap, you should be able to adapt something to suit easy enough.

Geminis, Toranas and Commodores ran factory AC here.

Gemini AC pics:




The Gemini is different in that it runs it all in the engine bay rather than under the dash

Heres a link to a step by step guide on retro fitting AC to a Torana


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Ah, forgot some bits

Radiator, three core with temp sensor holes in top header tank

Temp Sensor

Seven blade viscous fan

12v AC water pump & pully

Twin V Crank Pully

Top & Bottom Rad hoses

If a 20E engine then a second idle speed control valve that helps with idle when ac is on

Think thats it


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