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Ascona B Rhd 2 Door I2000 For Sale

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Ascona i2000 was not officially sold by opel in the UK, but nidd vale motors dealer made 15 from white ascona 2.0 sr in 1981. I have full history of the car and loads of spec.



This car had the 2.0s engine with the bosch L injection system of the kadett C.

It has full set of rare bronze glass

Black recarco seats

Irmscher rear spoiler

Ats classics

Irmscher vented disc conversion


The car has not been on the road since 1989

When i bought it, it has no engine, I have found a recon 2.0s opel block engine that not been used for 10 years that has been dried stored. I have New air flow meter, throttle sensor etc and a spare set off drew 2.0 litre sport. Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold. I have a recon 4 speed box and the original. The front suspension is stripped down. I have new wishbones, it ready to be sand blastered and and re bush. Brakes, i have a brand new ate servo, master cylinder and bias valve. The irmsher brakes have different hubs, vented disc and wider calipers and still fit in a 13 inch wheel. Condition, i bought the kit from Germany, calipers are recon and painted, got new disc. Axle is standard original one.

The shell has been dry stored from 1989 and is very good condition and has no SUN ROOF. I have stripped it down to make it prefect. The shell bad points, the inner wings where rusty around the back of the lights, i have two original gm inner wings to replace it. The bottom half front panel was rust and thin, i have a brand new gm one, Bonnet and boot was flaky on the inside, i have a new gm ones, The rear panel seam between the floor pan is flaky, i have a new gm one. There is a small hole in the passenger side floor pan above the chassis leg and the chassis leg are good but from a penny size bubble, which is only outer skin and can easy be grinded and welded up. Doors are very good. The shell is the best ascona b i ever seen and all panels have been dipped and zinc primed ready to fit. I have a brand new irmscher rear boot spoiler in a box. New plastic bumpers. A good body shop could have the shell like new in a couple of weeks.

Interior is in good condition apart from a small ripe in the the driver side, the seats are the same material as the kaddet c gte and you can get easy get new cloth from Germany to replace the damage part. I have a new white head lining from doctor manta.

Everything is more or less there to put it together and would be a easy quick project to someone and would make a lovely road car. I was a member in the manta owner club along time ago, spent years saving and looking for good parts and a lot of people in the NW will know me. I have a genuine reason to sell the car and i'am a bit gutted that i have too. It's my favorite looking car and there only one spec above this one and that's a 400. The car deserved to be put back as original not a arched 400 replica as it is so rare!

I live in Lancashire

Price £5000.00

E-mail michaeltolson@hotmail.co.uk for pictures or make appointment to see the car

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Sorry for not replying, i don't get on the forum much. I have the car on the coggers website as well with pictures. I have no idea how photo bucket works, so i'am stuggling with pictures unless you e-mail me.


Could you pm me questions, so i get e-mails confirmation and i can read on my phone.

Thanks Michael

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