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Speedo Cable


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Hi guys,

I've got an issue with my speedo not working on my A running a B GTE engine and gearbox.

I took the dash out and the cable out of the back and tested to see if the main wire in the cable was spinning when the car moved. It didn't which told me it was dead.

I bought a GTE cable and fitted it at the weekend. The good news is that it now spins! The bad news is that the end that connects to the dash has a completely different metal end on it and no outer plastic connector to connect it to the back of the dash.

I'm assuming it's because it's a manta B cable I'm trying to attach to a Manta A dash so a different connector. This made me wonder if it was a manta A cable on there before which is why it did not work with the manta B gearbox?

Does anyone know if my thinking is along the right lines and what's the best cable for me to use etc or if it's possible for me to somehow modify the cable to make it fit?



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Not sure on the dash end as not seen one for a B but the box end should be the same. Im running the 5 speed box on my A series. I think the early B series might be the same as an A on the dash side?

I think i have an old cable kicking around in the garage that you can have for the cost of postage if i can find it and its any good to you?


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