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What's The Best Way To Treat Panels For Rust Before Welding Back On?

Kevin Abbott

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Title says it all really :)

My front end is off at the mo and has some rust that looks like it's in spot welded panels, what can I do?

Soda blast? Acid dip? rust treatment? Is there any point? The car will be getting blasted when it's ready but I can't see a blaster getting into all the parts and places of the multi skinned front end?


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Best stuff I have found is made by bilt hamber, you can order online. I would use the rust remover they have in gel form, treat with hydrate 80 and protect with dynax s50. The dynax is a cavity protection but it creeps through spot welded joints and seams awesome stuff.



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Tricky one this as it depends on how good a job you want, the whole range of solutions are "shades of grey" there is no black and white answer.

Rust in seams can ONLY be removed by removing the spot welds and splitting the seams, followed by blasting or acid dipping

Contrary to the claims of many acid dippers, it will NOT remove rust from seams under most circumstances. Blasting will do so much, but again cannot work into the seam.

Vactan is good for certain things, but this isn't one of them

Rust preventative wax is very good, no point having a big debate over which is best, they all work pretty well as long as they end up in the place you don't want rusting!

If you have rust in a seam, there are two answers, if its bad enough, cut it open and sort it with blasting and/or new metal, if not so bad, clean up what you can and drown in it rust preventing wax, AFTER painting!

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PS soda blasting for most work that we will be concerned with on a manta, is utter rubbish.

It struggles to remove corrosion, which is the main point of blasting to begin with

It doesn't damage glass and chrome..........woo hoo, very useful, except that anybody in their right mind will have removed all glass and trim before starting work on anything involving corrosion and metalwork!!

sorry for the rant but the purveyors of snake oil seem to have moved into the blasting world!!

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