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Vauxhall Heritage Center Vboa Open Day 6-10-2013


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On sunday the 6th October there is a VBOA gathering at the Vauxhall Heritage center at Luton, nothing formal just turn and enjoy the cars, there will be some autojumble, something that has been growing at this event from small beginings -


The Heritage Center is on Park Street in Luton, not far off junction 10 of the M1, not hard to get to! I shall be there ( baring events out of my control ! )

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Do you need to be a vboa member to attend this or can you just turn up?

Strictly speaking yes but no membership cards are checked and anyway we can soon enroll you in the Opel Manta OC !! anyone who is a member of a Constitute Club is a VBOA member as well.

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OMG !!! i am certain that this must be the only footage of my late father driving a car ( at the wheeel of PLC419R, my 1976 gold coupe ) i have sat here staring at the video gobsmacked, thankyou so much Chris for posting this, i have book marked the You-tube page.

Trying to fill in some of the cars/drivers, me in B494BBD Gold hatch, my father in PLC419R Gold Coupe, Paul Brennacker in the Silver Coupe, Kevin Bricknell in the red GTE hatch, all still with thier thier owners, is the white GTE Coupe Mick Harbidge? someone else please help with the others.

incidently,great choice of music,revolutionary when it came out and showed everyone what could really be done with synthesizers.

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