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Carlton Gsi 24V Auto, S Wales, £1400


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My dad only bought this a couple of months ago, but due to an imminent house move and a few cars too many it's up for sale again. Pulls like a train, very tidy interior (more pics of that later, I somehow forgot earlier!), taxed and MOTd til the end of January although the MOT might be longer, can't remember. It's a solid car, still has rear wheel arches which is more than anyone can say for most Carltons these days, everything works except a few things which are just temperamental e.g. the heated rear window. Has a dodgy ABS sensor somewhere as well, doesn't affect driving at all, just sometimes makes a funny noise as you come to a stop!

It'll come on the original GSi wheels, the tyres are just about legal but definitely not very clever so we borrowed the wheels from my Senator while it's being used every day. It's had a new rear subframe mounting bush fitted by me, we bought both but the other side wasn't bad so we can chuck a new one in with the car if you want it. The headlining is sagging as most of them do, worst bit is on the sliding sunroof panel but it's been tucked up out of the way for now. Worst thing about this car is the diff - it doesn't seem to be locking or slipping properly once it warms up. Pulling away from junctions any way other than dead straight causes a judder at the back. I think it just needs a good oil change, I have the proper oil here to do it but the weather's been so apalling recently I haven't had a chance.

My dad's looking for about £1400 for it, if there's any interest PM me and I'll happily give you his number or mine!

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