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Hatch Gte Tank Wanted For Mancona

Kevin Abbott

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yes I would use the one out of black hatch,

fill it with co2 and weld larger outlet and return pipes.

use a swirl pot and away you go.

but you already know that. :blink:

yea thats the good tank we have, problem is I dont want to weld a petrol tank.. David is looking at a custom cell for it.. The calibra tank works ok but needs sorting so back to standard would hurry the car along ;)

im sure a man of ur means kev can pop a return on the fuel neck:)

rocking horse shite springs to mind.. :)

Haha ,yea I've chucked a lot of rocking horse poo away. Have you seen the size of the outlet of a carb tank! It's a straw

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