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Hello All,

I am new to the forum and thought i would show my face as it where and say hello.

I have been interested in getting a manta for a while now as a fun car not every day :). There is one near me in Didcot orange 1973 which looks like it has been turned into a muscle car big wheels and tires at the back and small at the front. So i know has a 5.7 V8 under the bonnet but it hasnt moved for years stuck outside. I am going to ask the guy if he would consider selling it as it looks amazing and i would love to have the 73 style manta with a V8 must have a V8 :).


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I, will be the first to welcome you then , sounds like your in the right place , be interesting to see if you can get the car or build your own one

Thank you for the welcome will have to see what happens but I have my eye out there to see what is about.

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welcome to the club,have 2 A series myself.

Any luck with orange one at Didcot? or anymore more details?as not far from Didcot(might be interested myself!) or help with looking it over with you.

regards Steve

Hi Steve,

Ha ha ha i have first dibs :D lol i havent spoke to the chap yet but it has been at there for quite sometime meaning 5-6 years outside on the road. It looks like she is going nature lol. Looks really nice small wheels at the front and big ones at the back. If i had a guess i think it was a drag car at one point as it has a 5.7 litre under the bonnet with a roll cage and with them massive tires on the back looks more than likely. But she would need a far bit of work i would have thought so will have to see will put a note through his door at the weekend and see what happens.

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Welcome to the forum, good luck with getting an a series, that one sound interesting.

yeah I know does look amazing I would put a pic on here but I don't know how to on here besides putting it on photo bucket. I will put a not through his door but I am worried that it will cost way to much to fix the old girl up. But I only want a A series as they look the bomb they look a bit like mustangs from some angles.

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Quick update:

Nothing big but I wrote a letter and posted it through the chaps door with the orange manta. So hopefully I will want to sell it but from looking at it quietly it is going to need a far bit of work as I can see the paint coming over the nose and there is a rust patch and the same with the O/S rear wing. So will need a far bit of work I believe but would have to see if it is worth it.

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Hi all,

Bit of an update I put a letter through the door of the chap with the manta near me. He has just got back to me and he is willing to sell but I am going over tomorrow to have a good look at it again and see what it really does need and how much I believe it will cost. From looking over it I will also see if it is worth what he wants for it.

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Thank you very much from what I have seen it is going to need the below parts but it has a 351 small block mustang V8 engine with a 3 speed auto trans.

New tires all round

Right rear qualter panel

probably brakes all round

brake pipes

New shocks

steering gator

panel between the nose and bonnet

full respray


He want £2500 for the car as is but I am not sure if it is worth that. But I haven't had a full look this is only from a quick glance so when I look over it tomorrow I will not more and hopefully hear her run.

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Is it worth what he is asking?

It's really condition dependant, if the car has rot appearing in places (which will enevitably mean more hidden) and the conversion to V8 power has just been cobbled in then NO. If the car is solid and striaght throughout, the conversion has been correctly done to a good standard then probably YES.

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