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Manta 1.8S Will Not Start


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looking for some assistance please. 1983 1.8s Berlinetta.

No known problem before parking up.

car has been parked on drive for 3 weeks, so put battery on charge overnight.

Engine turns on key, have spark but not getting fuel, put new "old stock" fuel pump on and still the same.

Also tried "jump starting" it, but no go..

blown fuel pipe back to tank with footpump and can hear bubbles. sucked tube till fuel appeared and re-connected to pump.

Also put 3 cans a fresh fuel in tank.

What do people suggest I try next please ? Is there a way to prime the mechanical pump ?



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this is an old 1.8 problem, fuel will evaporate from the float chamber when it has stood for a while and even run back down the fuel pipe so the fuel pump cavitates.

I got fed up with going through the recharging of the system every time i left my 1.8 for a while so now i have fitted an electric fuel pump, it's a facet, a very small cube like affair that sits ontop of the tank strap near the tank sender unit,very neat, wired it in through the fog lamp fuse,which is an ignition swithched live.

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yes thats the pump Dave, fitted next to the tank outlet, sitting neatly ontop of the tank strap, it bypasses the original fuel pump, but i have left that in for the sake of original appaerance and if i desired i could return it to original condition in an hour or so.

Took the Manta out Sunday and it hadn't moved in nearly a month, normally this would entail taking the air filter off, undoing the fuel pipes and charging the carb and fuel line with petrol poured in through a small funnel. what a performance, now I turn the ignition key, a short while of fuel pump ticking and it fires up striaght away = result!

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