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Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta


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Hi Everyone,

Price - £500 to £650, Location Somerset just of J22 M5.

Due to a change of plans (bricks and mortar time) Im selling my Opel Manta which I planned on turning into a rally car. Its the perfect base for a 16v conversion.

Details are as follows: No MOT/Tax currently on SORN, last on the road in 2005. I have had the car running but it does need new rubber fuel pipes to run properly, and the carb needs a bit of a tune.

The car is complete, and totally original and is solid around the front chassis legs. It needs welding to the wing rails, sills, and some to the front inner wings behind the dash. Theres going to be a the odd bit more inevitably, but all in all its not to bad a story on this front.

I want back what I paid for the car - £500 as it is. I also have a pair of front wings and brand new sills I can incluide for £650.

I also have some Bilstein shocks and some Manta GTE wheels which I can negotiate to include in the sale.





contact me via PM if you are interested.

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There is a guy up your way absolutely desperate for front wings, PM me and I will give you his number.

I am interested in the car but I am utterly out of funds because I am doing another huge project right now.

It looks good and I have always had a soft spot for silver hatchbacks.

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