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Classic Car Ved Exemption Extended To 1974


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Anyone looked into this for their car that didnt meet the previous date?

I did have a club mag with some info about chassis numbers and what build dates there were and which factory they came out of. Does anyone know what info you would have to provide to prove your build date? Would be quite nice to not have to pay tax when i do finally get the car back on the road :-)

(Previously only cars built before January 1 1973 were exempt from road tax, after the Government abandoned the previous 25-year rolling scale in 1997. However, from April 2014 any car manufactured before January 1 1974 will be entitled to a free tax disc.)

Thanks Andy

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From what i remember, when i looked mine up before it seemed to point to it being made in July 1973, but it was a late registered one as i think it might have been a showroom model.

Think i might need to do a bit more digging.

Can you get the full owner records from the DVLA?


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I can write letters for the DVLA stating date of manufacture, but I am currently waiting on getting full info for 1973 built cars. If I dated yours to July 73 before the info I've got is probably sufficient for your car. Drop me a PM with your reg and chassis numbers and I'll see.

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