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Have An A Series Tuneup Sheet


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I've finally gotten around to touching up/digitizing a tuneup sheet that I got with my Manta.

It came out of the previous owners local library.

Use at own risk etc. (For all I know it's wrong)
I really hope this helps someone, as it has helped me a couple of times now, when I remembered where I had put the rather crumpled sheet. :rolleyes:
I've got a 1.6 version I'm working on touching up as well.
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Hello 'Binnacle'

Thanks for this - most useful ans interesting. I saw the rally's stripes, prices in Rs and then saw your location was SA. I have a 1975 Manta A, bought by my parents and which I collected from the showroom in late October, now in the UK since 1995. I think it was one of the last sold in SA.

There is, I think, one significant difference with the SA models: the camber angle. After replacing tie rod ends a year ago, I took the car to a good alignment shop for a check and the guys tried to convince me the camber was way out. Mine are -1.30' each side - same as they were when new as checked by a specialist in Durban. Apparently UK spec cars were slightly positive - which would suggest they wouldn't turn in as sharply as mine - a revelation compared to most moderns. easy steering at parking speeds is a small price to pay.

I assume you too have a 1900. What year? They are great cars - and now not so plentiful. Mine now gets used for local club runs, weekend leisurely drives, and an annual trip to Europe, and usually manages to generate some interest.

Have fun!

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HI Malbasys

That's quite a journey your Manta has taken... Very pleasing somehow.

Mines a '75 as well. Yes, its a 1.9. There aren't a lot of them anymore, but they are starting to get attention again. There's 1 in my town and 2 in the next one over (All of these appeared out of the woodwork a few months ago). Plus a few others scattered about the country, that I've found out about through our Opel Owners club here.

They get so many admiring looks as you drive around.

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