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A Few Questions For You Experienced Manta Owners


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My plan with the new black GTE is to fit a c20let , I have the mounts and sump that is needed , I have the 1800 box too , now how good is this really? I have read somewhere that the Carlton box r25-28 is it ? Is the better box to use , it this is so does it bolt in or is there mods to be mate?

Any help appreciated.

I am also thinking about bigger brakes running 17 inch wheels so I could use the calibra turbo calipers that I have , did read an add on here about discs and was wondering if anyone is using turbo ones?

What about rear disc conversion anything out there that can be used?

Sorry for all the questions just looking to pick you rear wheeled guys brains , as this is all new to me cheers guys

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R25 box can be used but its not bolt in.

It would be well worth your while to join the club (only £25/year ) as all the info you are requesting, and more, is available in the members area. If as you say you are new to Mantas it will be the best £25 you spend on your car.

There are quite a few members who have done the C20Let convertion who have posted about it.

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would really worth your while to join club even if only as a web user for contacts and info available.

cost of club membership can be reimbursed by trade club card usage and loads of info available from very experienced manta/ascona owners.

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Thanks for joining the club ;)

1800 box will not last very long unless you are carefull. R25 R28 box uses a hydraulic clutch and RP do a fitting spacer ( pics of the pedal mod required are on RP website, blue ascona)

If you are using a standard turbo then you need one of my turbo side engine mounts, the top hat needs to be reversed, I can't get the reverse top hats any longer ( need to check that)

I can supply a 3 piece clutch to suit flat or pot flywheel.

Keep the cally t calipers and have a pair of cosworth 2wd 284 mm discs drilled with the hub brake disc PCD, bolt on job and really good brakes

Rear disc conversions, i used to do them but all my parts were taken in a unit move and i no longer have them. You need fwd mk3 ecsort discs drilled to suit 4x100 PCD and sierra ( or granada) rear calipers, clamp at 12 o'clock and make a mdf template, go and have that cut out of 10mm steel, fit ford +25mm studs


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Retro Power do a conversion to run a manual Omega gearbox, That would be the route I go down If i was to LET my 16valve.

When you fit the engine, use a Range Rover V8 3.5 engine mount bobbin on the drivers side.... this gives good clearance to run standard bonnet.

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