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Opel-Treffen Oschersleben, Germany 2014

Chris Harden

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It's that time I start yapping about the biggest Opel show in the world again! :ph34r::lol:
This year it's from Wednesday 28th May to Sunday 1st June 2014 (4 days long) and we will also be doing the Nurburgring again (Sunday 1st -Tuesday 4th June AM)
For info about the show and what you need, and rough costs, see last years thread here:
The prices MAY GO UP slightly with inflation, but as a general guide they are pretty much there.
2013 we had 16 UK cars and 35 people! so come and join us:D
Names below if you're interested/going please :D
1. ChrisMk1
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Car Pass / Club Stand Sorted!
I have been speaking to the organisers at Opel-Treffen Oschersleben about our trip for 2014.
We have been allocated a club stand, but the location is not known yet. I will find out closer to March 2014 when things are finalised by the organisers.
The club stand is better suited to us as a group, instead of the first come-first served camping pitches. So we have a definite place to be, hopefully quite central to the heart of party area again. :D
IF you are wanting to make the trip over for this year, I’ll need some money off you to book a car pass.
The price of a Club Stand Car Pass is £14.50. This is for the CAR ONLY.
The Deadline for payment is the end of February 2014!
ALL Payments WILL be sent 1st of March 2014! So I need your car pass payment as soon as you can.
If you are coming, but holding off until later to pay, let me know, so I know what car pass payments to expect and when.
You can send the car pass payment to me via Paypal at: chrisharden@hotmail.co.uk
You can send it as a gift if you want (No Paypal Fees), OR you can send it as anything else, goods/services (But you will need to pay the fees so I receive the £14.50)
The car passes will arrive with me around 2 weeks before the show. So I can either post to you, or meet you en-route or at Oschersleben and give you your car pass. It’s whatever works best for you.
A camping fee for ALL people in the car is €10 per person per night. (€40 for the 4 nights we are there. Wednesday - Sunday)
This is payable on the main gates when we arrive on the Wednesday morning of the show.
Any other questions, post them up and I’ll answer them for you.
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Looking forward to this trip, nice meeting up with you (Chris) today.

It was nice to meet up with you as well Robah

After the show at Oschersleben finishes, we break the return leg of the journey up into 2 parts.
Sunday 1st June 12pm(ish) - Leave Oschersleben and drive to the Nurburgring. (305 miles)
Sunday late afternoon arrival at the Nurburgring B&B for a hot shower, great food and a comfy bed!
The following day(Monday), we are tourists visiting the GP track/Nurburg Castle and having a play on the Ring GoKarts there.
Later in the afternoon we head out onto the Nordschleife itself for a couple of laps, or as many as you want to run.
See Below for the track openeing times for the days we are there.
At the Nurburgring, we stay at the same great little B&B we stayed at in 2011 & 2012 & 2013!.
The place is now confirmed as Berghotel Hohe-Acht, Adenau, Nurburgring
If you want to book a room for the dates of Sunday 1st - Tuesday 3rd June 2014.
Please email Frank: hohe-acht@gmx.de
The 2013 prices were:
Single Room - 45 euro per person per night.
Double room - 35 euro per person per night, so MAY go up slightly for 2014
So you are looking around 70 - 90ish Euro (Per Person) for the 2 nights we are there.
The booking reference is: "Chris Harden 1st-3rd June 2014"
Please e-mail him with what type of room you require (Twin/Double/Single).
You will need to give him your credit card details to hold the room for you.
Nothing is taken, as payment is when you leave on the Tuesday morning.
There are a limited number of rooms (15max), so IF you are planning to join us at the Nurburgring, Please book ASAP so we can get us all together at the same place.
IF you book and then decide NOT to go, Please cancel your room OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED.
We leave the Nurburgring on the Tuesday (3rd June) late morning and then have a nice relaxed drive back to the Eurotunnel, arriving early evening.(303 MILES)
If you prefer to head for Rotterdam if you are heading further north when back in the UK, the choice is yours and what ever way works best for your budget/route back to home.
If you have any other questions, post them here and I'll answer them for you.
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Update on car passes.
I'll need the payment a couple of days earlier now, as the Motorsport Arena are sorting out or space for us and need the numbers by the 25th of Feb!
It's a great help for us that the arena are helping us sort our spot out.
CONFIRMED Car Pass Paid List so far:
1. ChrisMk1 - Vectra B - Mk1oc
2. Catlin - Astra G Coupe - AOC
3. Bimalew - Astra G Cabrio - AOC
4. Krestian - Nova Spider - Opel Club Denmark
5. Tommy8252 - Nova Saloon - Club Vaux
6. Opel Vaux - Vectra C - Club Vaux
7. Platty - Saab Mk3 Astra GSi - AOC
8. Robah - Zaffy - OMOC
9. Steve Mc & Sausageman - Audi A4 - OMOC/TV Mag
10. Dan88 - Astra J VXR - AON
Awaiting payments/ Awaiting holiday confirmation so far:
11. Spankee - Mk2 Astra GTE - Mk2oc
12. Laney - Mk2 Astra GTE -Mk2oc
13. Spence - Kia ?? - AON
14. Stew - Astra G Sri - Club Vaux
15. Sam Vectra C - Club Vaux
16. Bizzle - Honda S2000 - AOC
17. x-Amanda-x - Astra H VXRacing - AON
ALSO - Send me your T-shirt size (if you haven't already with your payment), as we get t-shirts included in with the car pass prices (S-XXL)
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Payments NEED to be with me by the 25th of Feb!!
If you are planning on coming to the biggest Opel show in the world, let me know ASAP.
It's going to be even better this year.
Here is last years (2013) official program of things happening.
It will pretty much be the same, but with other Bands.
2014 Thursday Night Band = Haudegen (War Horse) http://www.haudegen.com/
2014 Friday Night DJ's - Mutze Katze (Music Cats) 90's Dance & Rave tunes http://www.muetze-katze.de/
You won't want to miss this.
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Here are my pictures from the Opel-Treffen in Oschersleben show in Germany, :D

A massive THANK YOU to all members who attended this show from ALL the UK clubs!!
It was a record for us at 20 cars and 35 people! Also thanks to everyone for representing the UK car scene, and showing how varied and diverse UK car culture is, and how much fun we have at shows!

















The full albums are here: http://s38.photobucket.com/user/ChrisMk1/library/Nurburgring%20June%202014?sort=3&page=1

Or for facebook people here is the album on there:

Cars & Fireworks - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1443757359210772.1073741838.1394682134118295&type=1

Party Tents & General Stuff - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1443705595882615.1073741837.1394682134118295&type=3


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Already planning for next year, we had a fantastic time with fantastic people. Opel-Treffen makes Billing seem like Blackpool compared to Florida Universal Studios.

Cheers Chris for introducing us to a great event.

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The Corsa Estate was if I remember rightly was built in Brazil & sold in Mainland Europe but not UK.

Mainly in Italy & Eastern Europe.

Also built in India as RHD. A bit like today where cheap RHD cars on the UK Market are built i.e. Certain Dacia models.

They also built a pick up Corsa in South Africa & a 4 door saloon in Brazil.


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