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Manta Gte Coupe 16V


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Hi im testing the water here to se if theres any interest in my car.

Its an 87 exclusive coupe that has 8 months mot left.

The car would feature a 16v xe or ecotec engine depending on offers recieved.

It has a rear disc conversion and full welded in safety devices rollcage.

I have a 2.1 xe engine that could go with the car which will be fitted.

The bodywork isnt mint but it wojldnt take much to finish, my problem being I have been offered another car and dont have the space and time to complete this one at the moment.

Many pics available on my project thread E36GRN.


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There are a couple of bodywork issues but nothing major. The bootlid slammed down and cracked the filler under the rear spoiler side, nothing major but could do with being plated and filled over. The arches could do with a replacement as they were fillered up and the filler has risen as has done a little with the roof.

All in all a solid shell that has had thousands spent on it over the past couple of years by myself but iv ran out of time with it and would like to pass it on cheaply to someone who can give it more time.

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Not mint but will be a belter with a bit of work.

I reccomend buying the car without the engine but with the conversion parts I hav, then fit a C20let in with an rs500 intercooler as i've altered the front end to take one and it looks awesome!!

Would sell it for £3400 enough to get my other Manta sorted.

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Ideally id like to sell the car without an engine but with the 16v conversion parts for £3400. My reason being i am currently running a C20let which id like to transfer into another car i have bought.

The other car has an ecotec 2lt fitted which could be put in the car if wanted, I do have a decent spec 2.1 xe but is currently stripped down.

I work at sea and would rather spend my leave building up my new car than building an engine up if you get my drift, i'd also have to buy gaskets and new timing gear etc so ideally someone could have their own engine ready to fire into this shell.

The price for the car minus engine. £2850 ono.

Car plus 16v conversion parts. £3400 ono.

Car plus ecotec 16v lump installed £3650 ono.

Car plus 2.1 xe lump installed. £3900 ono.

I'v only a basic knowledge of what everything's worth, but i do know iv spent 5k plus on parts to put this car back on the road and most of the parts have been sourced from the good members on here.

i'm not looking to make my money back, just enough to get my new Manta the way i want it but if anybody has any input on price etc or wants to make an offer i'm easy.

If anybody is looking for an easy project with all the parts present then this could be for you, bit of bodywork and a decent respray and shes mint again.

in the mean time a good usable car.

I'l be home next week so will provide more pics if anybody is interested.

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Nice one Scott, someone has a bargain there. Is it a member of the forum / club? if allowed to say.

In what form did you sell it?

Nice xmas present for you and buyer.

All the best, looking forward to your next project and seeing this car on the road.

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The new owner is a member but I dont think has used the site in a while, He's an Irishman who would like to reshell his crashed coupe.

He bought the car with the conversion parts and ecotec engine and plans to lut his own built 2.4 cih in the car. I reckomend him selling the conversion parts to pay for the little bodywork issues.

New project will be started very soon.

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