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Cavalier V6 Project


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Some will prob know this car...bought it from a member on here a while ago and its sat in storage since.shes been of the road a long time before i got her.so its very scabby looking but mega solid..so a perfect base for my project.i dont feel to bad about modding this one as it has no history etc.

Any way........the plans.....2.5 v6 from a vectra b,low with deep wheels,nice colour paint job and a new interior fully re trimmed.

Started on it yesterday by removing the wings etc so i can start cleaning the wheel tubs and floor just to double check for tin worn and nastys......and so far im surprised.




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not a huge update as been so busy with other work.Big thnks to the members who have helped me so far with parts!

two mint condition wings sourced,two mint early manta bumpers,and the most wanted front chin spoiler!and an irmscher boot spoiler.

just sat a couple bits on to see what i thought.....im not 100% on the bumpers yet...so looking for a couple of manta gte bumpers to play about with.

nitromorsed the the front end to get all the crap paint off so i could see any rusty sections and treat them.

Just pressing on with the bodywork to a primer stage,then il start the engine conversion....kinda struggling to source parts at the min.

big question just now is.....what colour?im looking at candy red(maybe too bling?) dark brown pearl or lotus carolton imperial green..just cant decide.


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i do agree that would be pretty cool,but not very appealing as its cat sick orange lol...and i have a mint standard car so the look would be a bit boring having two.i will be keeping its looks simple and fairly standard tho,bumpers are the only real mod planned.....but even at that i might keep metal bumpers.

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Managed to get another little bit done on the cavalier,bought a couple sets of wheels,and a super rare gm bodykit...unsure il il fit that or not.still a lot of parts to collect but will get there.Plan to hit the project hard over xmas and new year,im taking the two weeks off to play with the cavalier.

oh and since my last post iv bought yet another cavalier...bought purely to rob of parts and throw the car in the bin...but i couldnt do,just cant kill one off.So i decided to give a little back to my dad for...well just being my dad..and gave him the car...He was delighted to say the least,so thats now on the cards for a wee bit of a resto for him10537017_748861831844798_761173437507698




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cavaliers started making progress!!Its painted finaly,after playing about with colours and ideas i settled...peugeot intense green pearl over a silver basecoat.

i will get some pics up over the next couple of days.

Also got a set of borbets on her now,plan to have it lowered and finished etc out on the road end of march:-)

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