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Hello Again..

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I've posted a few times on the tech help section but just wanted to introduce myself in this section with (hopefully) a couple of photo's.

I joined this year after a 20 year absence. Had a mid life crisis at the beginning of 2013 and bought, what appeared to be, a well preserved 1987 GTE exc coupe. Anyway things didn't quite turn out the way I would have liked but that's a story for another day (or even Manta Magic).

I owned a Cavalier coupe in the early 80's and 2 Manta's following this, an 84' gte and an 87 exclusive coupe.

I got rid of the exclusive in 93. Only 6 years old but beginning to rust in the usual areas!! (and it had been looked after).

I thought I knew what I was up against when I bought my current Manta....you know what thought did!!!

Anyway it was restored earlier this year and was entered in a couple of local shows in summer. The response from Joe public was/is great. As all of you will know, everyone in the world over the age of 30 seems to have owned a Manta or known someone who has. They bring back such happy memories to a lot of people and it's great starting a conversation with someone you've never met over the positive attributes of the car against it's competitors of the day.

I joined the club after the NEC show in November after seeing some fantastic Manta's that put mine to absolute shame. We can but try.

Hope to meet some of you at Billing this year or even earlier. I'll try and attach a few photo's of the Manta and a couple of old ones from club meets in the early 90's (someone might recognise some faces?).

Cheers for now,


The following were taken after a murder mystery weekend in about 92' plus a trip to Warwick castle on the Sunday..005_zps1d1d978b.jpg



And as the new (to me) Manta looks now...


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Its about time you re-introduced yourself on here Blake :D

Oh and while the car looks good in that picture i've got to say it looks better in real life B)

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Thanks guys and cheers for that Dave.

There's a lot of your blood, sweat and tears in it as well (well more my tears really).

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