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Display System, Ideal For Models Or A Shop

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I used to do transportation for trade shows with a company who sold LED and digi photoframes, they stopped doing them and we ended up with a shelving and display system we will not be using again because we are not going to be going back into that sort of work again.

The system is modular, you can make what ever shape you like and there are loads of spares, the pic in the ebay auction shows about a 1/3rd of it assembled, its all in good condition and new was a good few grand.

I am just posting on here to see if anyone who has models or runs a shop and wants a funky display wants to buy it. We have it on ebay and would be happy to get the start price for it, its worth that all day long, if you Google "Abstracta" you will see these systems are good but damn expensive.


Its all neatly cleaned and packed on a Euro pallet ready to send.

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About 12 to 14 inches square. Black Perspex, some used and lightly scratched others still bright and shiny. The thing assembles any way you want, I put it together like you see in the pics but you can do loads of different shapes. Its all flatpacked now.

It has been re-listed now.

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The long shelves are about 22 inches wide and 12 to 14 deep.

I can measure them properly once I am back at work.

Are you thinking of wheels ? if so there is no reason why you cannot fit the whole lot together to leave out the dividers and use the long poles.

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