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Heater Or Dehumidifier

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Just built a timber garage,and insulated the walls and roof with rockwall.

Would a dehumidifier or a greenhouse heater be better for protecting my car?

It's not a workshop,it's purely a store for one car and two motorbikes


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Just an opinion but if you can keep it heated 24/7 then go for it. If not get a good dehumidifier. Heating from cold creates condensation and unless that gets fully evaporated youre better of with dehumid. i got a really good one for the conservatory because we dont heat it all year, and the water it collects is quite surprising and thats only because of my space invader machine living there lol


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I stopped using my heater as it creates condensation, all my tools were going rusty!

I bought a dehumidifier from aldi (£100), I leave it on auto with the drain pipe to outside and it makes a huge difference. I had to pipe it to outside as it filled the tray in no time, scary how much moisture is in even a dry garage...


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dont have a garage ,just a car cover but always have a few off these inside the car http://www.inest.co.uk/range.asp?typeId=94702

seem to work well

2 year ago I had a water leek in the caravan roof that also crept into the top of the walls, I used the above to dry out the wall before making a full repair. They were great !! I now keep 2 permently in the van and have not had any more damp problems.

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dehumidifier, but you want to make sure the shed is reasonably well sealed otherwise you will be dehumidifying the entire neighborhood

your shed needs decent insulation in the walls and ceiling (rockwool is good) but you also need a vapour barrier between the inner and outer building fabric

a vapor barrier under the concrete floor is also essential, this is normally done by putting plastic sheeting under the slab before its poured, but sometimes not done in a garage as its deemed an uninhabited space

I have worked in the air conditioning game all my days, the ultimate would be a cheap reverse cycle heat pump with automatic dehumidification function, but again you need the shed to be fairly air tight or our going to be running it and compensating for leakage.

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