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Manta B - Front Spring Compresser


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thought i would share my experience of overcoming the removal and reinstatement of front springs in a Manta B.

using high tensile materials.

this was the initial mock up test on a spare subframe, on a bench in my shed

this will only work with the car on a hoist as the vehicle needs to be high off the ground

There are other methods / options for the Manta, I chose to do this one after seeing the dealer tool used but with some further modification.

Everyone has an opinion on this subject, I am only posting this to share my experience after finding it very hard to find any decent information

I hope this helps anyone looking to do this and simply needing to see what can be done.

Please be aware that these springs are under tremendous pressure and that this work can be very dangerous.













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I cant say it does or does not surpass the GM tool, but I know its a twist on the original concept.

toe on the end of the bottom plate?

flat bar on the bottom plate slots into the channel of the lower arm? maybe not clear from the pics.

I have a different spring hook up arrangement, machined out of high tensile block

This set up cant slip up the lower arm, cant twist, when everything is working at bizarre angles.

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