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Nice Coupe

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Looks nice but with any late manta you will need to poke it in its tender places.

Has a lot of add ons but wouldn't take a lot to fix.

Spoiler looks straight, nice.

Interior looks mint apart from the blinds.

Front bumper holes would need filling.

I love red Mantas. :-)

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There are bits on this Exclusive that point to it being untouched for twenty plus years, the side skirts extended forward and what i think are Fiesta MK 2 rear fog lamps, Colour coded mirrors, Fibreglass Opel rad tray are things that alot of us did 'back in the day'

The front fog lamps always got broken and where impossible get hold of many years ago so putting in ones that where nearly the same wasn't uncommon, it looks like it had front fogs originally as it has the correct switch in the dash.

Dont know where that gear knob came from ! but if you were into Manta's in the nineties and saw this Exclusive the small changes would be familiar to you.

Otherwise it looks a good one, provided it's solid underneath, it appears to be a dealer selling this Manta and £5000 is at the top end of the price range but not wild money, dealers have been asking alot more for for what some ( not myself ) consider lesser Manta's.

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