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Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh


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Not sure who organises this, and havent seen anything posted up yet..... but I know the club has a stand at the National Kit car show at Stoneleigh show ground.

Is anyone else coming???? I intend on taking my manta down, it would be nice to see some others.

Its the first weekend in MAY (bank holiday, saturday to sunday). Cant remember how much it is to camp but ive payed a £5er before now (might have changed since then!)

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Mark Milson was doing the Midlands area but isnt a club member any more so not sure if he had details sent to him regarding the kit car show or even if we have a stand? I might come and have a mooch on the sunday as i have to work on the bank hol monday

Its a great shame this show was the start of the Midlands area manta shows and always pulled in quite a few members back in the early days and held fond memories just as shame the club cant support this show with a decline in members and road worthy mantas anymore.........

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C'mon folks! If im taking my Manta then surely some others would be interested in showing off their pride and joy!!!!

Mick, I should really give the organisers a call to see if the OMOC still has a stand there. I dont want to turn up and they've decided to give our stand away to someone else :(

Edit, Quick look on the 2014 club list and the OMOC are still down as attending. :D

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