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Crown Wheel And Pinion.

Roger H

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Hi all, I rally a vauxhall chevette single cam with a Manta b back axle with a steel torque tube.Now i'm looking to go and have a go in the forests with the old girl.What crown wheel and pinions are available for that axle,we thought a 3.9 would be a good balance for it,is this ratio available for this axle.Any help would be much appreciated Thank you.

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The 3.89 - 1 ratio was standard fitting to the 1.6 Rallye A series and should fit the B axle, I believe their is no difference in the crownwheels between A and B, someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

A 3.89 will give you an approx top speed of 105mph @ 6000rpm in 4th ( top )

A 4.22 will give u approx 95 mph @ 6000.

Either of these work but you need to match them to your gearbox ratios . low 1st gear with a 4.22 is pretty useless, works with a close ratio box with a 2.86 first gear. Acceleration is the key factor, top speed is how brave you are!

Hope this helps

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i think the answer to that one is YES, they are hard to find secondhand. The 4.22 is from the Kadett GTE so not that many around.

Going back to your gearbox ratios, if u use a 3.68 ratio ( standard fitting to Ascona and Manta A 1.6 ) your top speed will increase to 111mph but acceleration will be slightly slower. if u know ur gear ratios u can work out speeds in each gear.

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