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Manta 400 Rep Rolling Shell

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Im thinking of selling my 400, Its taking up expensive storage space and Im just not getting the time to get near it.

The shell is a 1979 Berlinetta non sunroof coupe with the single slot grill (rare), I have built it as a replica of a phase 1 road car.

Shell sandblasted and all metalwork done by myself to a high standard, see the build thread on here for loads of pics.

The shell has been coated with upol raptor and has been extensivley treated with Bil Hamber wax protection, rust should never be an issue with this shell.

400 kit is the proper one and fitted to the car properly, again, see the build thread.

Axles have been fully rebuilt with new bearings and seals as required.

Full freshly retrimmed Opel Blitz interior with the car and a new black headlining has been fitted. Comes with door cards and carpet too. (black)

Monza rebuilt master cylinder, new volvo calipers and new discs to go with it, original drums on rear, freshly rebuilt.

Proper original 400 spoiler brand new but the shape is a bit wobbly.

New Revolution wheels and new tyres.

EPS column fitted.

Im looking for around £5500 for the rolling shell.

Costs as follows,

Inital purchase, £1500

400 kit £900

400 interior and retrim £1800

wheels and tyres £900

Repair panels £300

Paintwork £3200

400 spoiler £250

Brakes £250

plus all the extras Ive forgotten about....not to mention a years work....

I know Im going to regret selling this, but Im buying a new house soon and need to tighten the belt a bit, which means clearing my feet and getting rid of my workshop space, (expensive rent...)

One day Ill get back into the manta scene.

I also have a fast road spec XE on jenvey throttle bodies, along with gearbox ready to drop in. this is available seperately.

I also have a ZF diff, again, available seperately.
















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WTF ?? Never thought I would hear that Scott especially after all the work you have put into it.Pity I hang read the e mail earlier as i have a Sunbeam coming on Sunday if I had known I probably would have taken it from you. Give me a call on 07738 102772 when you get home.

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