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Link worked for me, looks great in Astro Silver.

What amuses me is the price converter, it's currently at E15,050.00 which Fleabay states is approximately £12,387.67 I think that is a really close approximation !!

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Advert's still live, my phone didn't like the link but that may be because it's on German ebay...

I actually love the understated look of that. Only the wheels and the Engelmanns give it away from the outside. Seem to remember there was one RHD narrow bodied 400 in the UK somewhere a few years ago?

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You must have good eyes or a delayed reaction computer as I can't find it via that link or in a eBay search ;-)

The link works for me, showing the car as being in the Netherlands. I can only get the first picture to show up on my PC though. Does look nice, though missing the full-on presence of the wide 400 body kit.

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Seem to remember there was one RHD narrow bodied 400 in the UK somewhere a few years ago?

Was this one owned by Ian Goucher from the North West area?

Found it! Weird looking 400, should it not have fixed quarter glass, three piece spoiler and a black dash top?

This 400 does throw up some questions, the proof of it's identity will be the Chassie number, but it is a case of how much knowledge of the true spec of a 400 each of us have.

The rear spoiler and bumper, when they made 400's did they only fit three piece spoilers and low number plate rear bumper to wide arch variants?

The interior, the dash in two different colours looks wrong but could be unique and correct for this model.

The steering wheel is one i don't recall encountering in a Manta and i have never seen forward extensions to the side skirts on an original Manta before.Another not so obviouse thing,there is a square 'step out' in the side of the transmission tunnel in the passenger footwell i have never seen before,did the 400's have a different gearbox that needed this?

An expert on the subject will have to inform of us about the spec of 400's though i will say that if someone has gone to the trouble of restoring this Manta it would seem a little odd that they would go to all that trouble with a highly valuable car only to spoil it by not fitting correct parts that can be sourced with a little effort.

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Thanks Dan.

Being no expert..... but having owned one i have aquired some knowledge.

Firstly Ian's car was LHD, All road 400's supplied by opel are LHD but a few were converted to RHD (aftermarket). Vauxhall motors uk had a RHD 400 built (DPP 117Y) this is thought to be the only one.

As to 400 spec's there are a few.all 400's were initial built narrow bodies at the factory then removed form the production line to be converted to wide bodied road car's which were marketed and sold by irmscher or for the opel sport rally programme.

The silver car in question has an aftermarket steering wheel,dash top is too light a grey and the lower looks too dark but may be the photo!!!.also center consol looks too light in colour.as for the step in transmission tunnel i think it's a badly fitting carpet tunnel same as any 5 speed manta tunnel.gearboxes where the 265's,Only wide bodied irmscher cars had the exclusive type back bumpers/and the narrower topped 3 piece spoiler.As Ian says front side skirt extension is and add on and never came originally.

This is what i understand for the road going 400's but there were many options when it came to rally cars as in factory rally cars and private companies who prepared and ran them.

As i said this is my limited knowledge of 400's and always willing to learn :)

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Making some serious money now! Didn't one of the original heat for hire rally cars sell for similar?

the Manta 400 that sold at the NEC Classic car Show ( and i can't remember which particular one ) went for over £70K !

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