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Manta B Cavalier Mk1 Hatch And Saloon Chrome & Other Parts


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Right been meaning to do this for ages and finally getting around to it today. I have had a stash of parts taking up space for a while now and I need the space back so I'm selling up.

First off, my next door neighbour had a cavalier saloon and he was a chrome plater by trade so I bought a load of rechromed parts from him 2 years ago. They are pretty immaculate as you can imagine. He rechromed them in the early nineties and then they have been stored ever since. At a guess this is a very rare find and I'm sure someone on here would like these parts on here rather than me sticking them on ebay.





I'm not sure of what all these parts are for, only that they came from a 77 Mk1 Cavalier saloon. Also unsure on what they are worth but my guess is... quite a bit? Some help on this would be appreciated. Sorry mods I will add a price for the lot if absolutely needed.

I have the front trim from below the lights from my sportshatch (I'm now using a rechromed one) this is good but not rechromed £20 collected £27 posted.


I have 2 13inch chrome wheel rings... £15 posted or £10 collected. These are very good and have been rechromed also.


2 rear quarter windows for a saloon, with rubber no cracks in good condition. £20 collected. I can post and package as best I can but won't be able to guarantee their safety so collection preferred. £30 posted.


Complete lower dash panels in mustard colour all intact with working glovebox. £20 collected £30 posted.


Later manta lower dash glovebox section all intact with working glovebox £10 collected £17 posted


I also have a set of dash ducting (plastics for ventilation although I don't have a picture at the minute. £20 collect £25 posted.

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Forgot to say, I'm based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire just off the a1 Junction 7/8 20 minutes from Junction 23 of the m25. I work in Brentwood so I can drop stuff off anywhere between here and there. My mobile number is 07983700839 if anyone wants to ask questions.

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Hi ok for all 23 pieces shown £230? 240 delivered. If you wanted the non chromed front light panel I would do it for £250 all in. pm me for more info.

Chrome rings are now sold as is the manta grey lower dash.

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