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Manta Stainless Steel Fuel Pump Bracket (And Filter)

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I have one off only of my old Manta fuel pump brackets.

This was destined for my red B befefore I sold it last year.

Modelled on the Hatchback version, this can be installed anywhere, either beneath the car (coupe or hatch) or in the boot of the coupe if required.

Fuel pump mounts onto a stainless plate, which is held off of another stainless mounting plate (this plate mounts to the body) via 4 anti vibration mounts

£95.00 + £5.00 P+P

PayPal addy is csarmstrong2012@gmail.com


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51 minutes ago, DJacobs said:


i'd like one of these for my exclusive coupe, as you'll see in the Technical section; can I order one please?


Don't think Clive is on the forum at the moment as this was posted in 2014. If you have Facebook he is on there under his trading name Custom Solutions or something similar.



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 If you are reading this that is class Clive, you could sell them by the box full, everyone who has external fuel pump injection would like their manky / rusty braket replaced with one of these.

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