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'69 Opel Rekord Sprint

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After Dad owning 2 Rekord Coupes roughly 15 years ago its time to for-fill his dream

Ill get the story from him at some point.

So here she is the day she come home (Nov Last year)

The weather made it that day but then it rained for a lifetime





To make the bond, much to mums delight, we decided to bring the rocker cover home and work the elbow grease


The previous owner said it was turned over when he bought it with help of a direct feed to the carbs but previous to that it hadnt ran in 35 years. But im not taking any chances. The engine is getting a thorough clean out and Ill try to replace as many parts as I can

Carbs off and cleaned



Intake and Exhaust manifold Off and cleaned


Nice weld in the manifold


Alternator and starter motor off and cleaned




Tomorrow is the big day. Engine out!

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The color is a big debate and will be fur a long time. The interior is far too good to get rid off so the exterior has to match the light Brown. I want a deep purple out white. Dads thinking dark green but hey were years before paint is a worry

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