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Manta A-Series Parts Indentification And Pricing Help Needed Plz


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Hi all,

I have recently inherited a completely restored Manta A-Series along with numerous parts, I am a complete novice to cars and their mechanics so would appreciate any help in identifying and pricing the parts I wish to sell please.

I posted an ad in the parts for sale section with slides of the parts, slides can be viewed here: http://s34.photobucket.com/user/Davejo107/slideshow/

Its really only the obvious parts which I can identify eg. Dash board, centre console, door windows, head and tail lights, but would still appreciate help with pricing.

Any help much appreciated thanks.

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Hello Dave

Its always difficult when trying to price things. what one person expects for a part is different to another.

The A is a rare car but a lot of the parts you have there on offer are the more commoner parts i've seen avaliable as they are things that rarely need replacing. IMO your not sitting on a gold mine there i'm afraid.

If you want rid of them stick them on ebay with a low start and see what they go for.

Alternatively stick them in the attic and forget about them, you may need them yourself oneday.

Hows about posting some pics of the car? if your keeping it why not even join the club?

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Hi Dave

As mantney says, they are not hard parts to find, but someone might want them as spares.

You could do with some better pictures as well. With the dash its only 2 vent so not rare but if the top vents then let air up onto the screen are in good condition and the radio area has not been cut out someone might be after that and also the heater surround, has that got all its clips and tabs where it screws in? as again, you cant tell from the pictures. Things. I would get a few good pictures up on the site and you might get some better feedback as the current ones dont help you. Not trying to be negative but you need good clear shots and some close ups on some bits like the lights etc..


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