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234 Fastroad Camshaft


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Does anyone run a 234 FR cam with the standard injection on a 2.0 CIH?

I've been told that they are terrible on idle unless set up on twin 45 carbs, can anyone give me info before I go ahead with the following mods:


Twin Weber 45's

234 Fast Road Camshaft

Decoke head

4 branch tubular manifold system

Phantom Grip lsd

I've been told different things, e.g.. The standard cast manifold is just as good as a 4 branch, I think it's surely much heavier. Also that the 234 cam will make the engine run lumpy, other people say it runs fine?

I'd like a little advice from folk who have already experienced any of these mods.

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I've run Kent OP234 camshafts in 2 GT/e engines now, both on the standard injection systems.

First was an otherwise standard lump with just a K+N panel filter and 2" exhaust, ran really well wasn't lumpy and pulled from low down.

The second one had 0.5mm oversize pistons a stage 3 big valve head (45mm inlet/ 40mm exhaust) and 11.5 to 1 compression ratio, cone filter and 2.5" exhaust

That had around 150bhp (at the fly) when setup on the rolling road.

Loads of grunt and fun to drive but it did loose a little of its driveability at the bottom end. Most likely because the standard injection couldn't cope with the difference in fueling required from there to the top end (which is where it was setup for)

But 40 or 45's wouldn't be any better as you can't get them to work spot on across the whole rev range, some of it is a compromise (normally tickover)

If you want carbs that don't sacrifice anything look at bike carbs.

I'm currently driving a 2.0 ohc manta with ported head, fast road cam decent exhaust etc that runs R1 bike carbs and that had 170bhp on the rollers

It ticks over as smooth as a standard car and pulls from nothing all the way to redline.

Oh and always run the standard exh manifold on the CIH engines, its good up to over 150bhp and the tubular ones are a complete pain to fit in the limited engine bay space

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