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Injection Upgrade


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Hi, its been a while.

Still got the Opel GT, and its still not running particularly well, so I have decided to fit the GTE injection kit that has been sitting in my loft for the past 2 years.

I do however need some help.

First off, here is what I am running:

1969 Opel GT, 1.9S, unleaded head, hydraulic lifters, running high lift cam (fast road) and a DGAS carb.

Engine rebuilt 10 years ago and has covered 2k miles so the engine is in very good condition interanlly.

What I have in the loft:

2L big valve head with solid lifters.

New Manta GTE electronic distributor, new coil and ignition module.

Manta GTE injection manifold complete.

Now, I sort of get how to do this but am wondering if I should fit the 2L head if going injection plus I have to fit an electronic fuel pump and tank return line???

Like I said, I am after advice here about what it the best route to take here and is there a guide to fitting injection or do you think I should stick with the carb.

Thanks in advance.

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