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Looking To Get Back Into Manta

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New to here but had many mantas in the past, got rid of my last one maybe 8 years ago, looking at getting another manta couple, if anyone knows of my old manta and what it is upto, it had a 3 litre monza engine in at time of sale, reg. Was b407 wod, might be lucky and it be for sale, cheers

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Hi Casey,

I'm currently saving up for my own Manta too, I would love a coupe and there has just been a really good White Exclusive Coupe for sale on Ebay and it sold today for £3,000.

There has recently been a Dolphin Grey GT/E Exclusive Coupe up for sale too in Ireland for £2,800, which has sold now as the ad has been taken down.

Interesting to hear that you have owned Manta's in the past, and just incase you didn't know, you last Manta was last on the road in 2004 according to the DVLA. White Coupe?

Good luck for you search for a Manta and Welcome!!!



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Hi James,

Just out of interest where are the coupe's that are for sale? I have looked on all the websites like Ebay and Car and Classic but I can't find any more Exclusive GT/E's apart from the rare automatic. Can't affort that one though.



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Just googled my old reg of my old Manta, Casey I bought the Manta off you, had it till about the dat of this post but it had a fight with a big wall and was sold, at time of sale was in full 400 livery with correct colours stickers and mirrors etc. But had damaged a pillars from the wall. Person who bought it restored the shell and had it on the road.

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