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Irmsher Twin Headlight Bezels


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Hi all had a good day at billing today although it was it a little hot I have the sunburn to prove it !!. I have purchased from Martin Warner a pair of irmscher twin headlight bezels and would like some advice on where to obtain the four lamps and fittings for these if anybody can help with advice pictures and instructions I would be most greatful many thanks Martin .

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HA HA the good old Manta Twin Headlamp thread re-occurs


Early type as fitted to i200's

These are very similar to sets fitted to a 3 series BMW (unsure which year E No. etc) but these had a steel backplate that mounted into the normal headlamp fixing holes, the front (Bezel / Headlamp surround) was fastened into place from the front when the steel backplate which holds the lenses had been fitted.

BRILLIANT setting the headlamp aim was quick and easy using the adjusters that held the lenses onto the backplate then you simply replaced the Bezel.

Downside was that the Bezel would often distort (go concave) due to the central mounting point of the bezel onto the backplate.


Later Exclusive type

Bezels Never actually followed the line of the wing and always looked not 100% in my eyes.

Lenses were made by various companies, and still are that will fit these Bezels, hard thing to source these days are the nylon threaded mounts, springs and adjusting nuts to enable fitment of the lenses to the Bezels.

Aftermarket Lucas Sealed Beam units can be fitted, and at one point Demon Tweeks used to sell black plastic mounting rings (apparently made by Cibie ???? unsure myself) which could be used to eier mount the original lenses to some success or to mount the aftermarket sealed beam lenses, (plastic rings had recesses in them to allow alignment of the seald beam units correctly.

But then you would have to drill out the Bezels to suit the plastic ring mounts which were also the adjusters to alter headlamp aim.

However this then meant that you would have to fumble about between the original steel headlamp support structure of the Manta and the headlamp bezel to tray and adjust the headlamp aim,,,, springs were always too long and needed cutting down, mounting/adjusting threads were also too long in areas and needed cutting down, absolute ball ache and a nightmare to do.


Aftermarket fibreglass surrounds and lamps

As above but fibreglass units follow the wing line better.


Better way of fixing any lamp units to any bezel is by a method i last devised.


Bond 3 pieces of steel to the back of any headlamp lens, and fold the steel over, and make your adjusters and fit springs from there.


Simply no easy way in my mind these days since the black plastic mounting rings are simply not available any more.

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Aha..... so they are the Cibie mounting rings in your pics up there mantadoc...

I haven't actually seen those before, the type of ring I've seen are a nasty cheap thing that have spring clips that come round the front of the bulb to retain it in the plastic bowl, not a nice item but it does hold the sealed beam units very well, and the last time I tried to source these (approx 18 months ago) they just weren't available in 5 3/4" flavour only 7" 

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Anyone (Mantadoc?) know how to seperate those black rings? Came across three of them with rusted Cibie lights in situ, but can't seem to get them apart. I'm guessing due to age they'll be a bit brittle so dont want to break them messing around with them...

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I've successfully separated them by baking at a very low heat in the household oven then simply gently pulling them apart  :) when the missus came in and asking why the house smelt like burning plastic I explained I accidentally cooked a paella in  a plastic carton that was meant to go in the microwave!!! :D:ph34r::lol:

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Picked up a brand new pair of these Lucas sealed beams today so I'll be going at the bezels with the blade or the oven soon :)

I am pretty sure these are main beam, and have only two prongs. So as far as I know, these would be the inner lights? Could I have the outside pair as main and dip then, as I am a bit concerned the older sealed beams may not give off as good a light as the more modern H4?





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Back from the dead1 :-)

Anyone know are the light holders still available from Morrette in France?

Does anyone have pictures of this method? " Bond 3 pieces of steel to the back of any headlamp lens, and fold the steel over, and make your adjusters and fit springs from there. "

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