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Salvaged, Full Ns Manta Coupe Rear Wing


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Wanted to offer this here before ebay.

Bought for the GT/J project but now surplus to requirements, thought I would sell off some parts to free up some funds and clear a tiny bit of space at the same time

Salvaged form an excellent coupe (but sadly written off) is a complete near side rear wing. I have removed it and prepped all the flanges ready to weld on. As it has been reclaimed the edges are 6mm drilled and will need plug welding to fit, this will save you 5 hours drilling out the 100+ spot welds holding the damn thing to the car! Has been in the shed so there is some surface rust which will need cleaning off prior to fitting.

The rear lower corner is perfect. The arch is corroded slightly at localised points and the rear sill has had a piece of repair let in (by me) the rest is excellent.

For a concours car you would want to let in some or all of an arch lip, but if your were using it for a 400 rep it wouldn't matter (you'd lose that bit anyway) alternatively it would make a great spare for a rally car.

Asking £85 please. Panel is located in Bristol for collection but I regularly travel to Worcester, Evesham, Gloucester, Cardiff and Milton Keynes so we could arrange to rendezvous at one of those points at out mutual convenience

Any questions please ask.







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