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Oh dear, there's a lot of folk who really have no idea about a price!


If you start with a Manta like this with the aim of making it top nick then it might end up worth £7,500 (and personally I think thats pushing it).

So if you got it for £500 then you've got £7k to spend on it.

I average 1 night a week and a Saturday on my classics so that might be 15 hours a week. Now a garage charges £35 an hour. If I rate my time at £20 an hour then after 350 hours I'm in the red. 350 hours at 15 hours a week is 23 weeks. That means I've only got 6 months to do it and I haven't even bought parts yet! Even if I lower my hourly rate to £10 an hour thats a year (still with no parts) and not too many cars get restored in less than that.


Obviously most of us don't do it with the intention of making money but it still doesn't stack up does it - no wonder so many classics get scrapped!

If someone on here did recommend this price they should think more before such recommendations!


As Jenson said - reality check needed!

I'm sure sense will prevail in the end  ...


But we have no idea of a price though.

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