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Changing from a 1.6 4 speed to a 2.0 5 speed.....should I change the axle to the 2.0 one?and use a manta prop shaft?(need a prop shaft)

Thanks again guys


There is no need to change the axle unless you want the 2L ratio.


But you will need a five speed prop as the four speed doesn't fit the five speed box.


Also you will either have to modify the five speed gear linkage or tunnel top for the gearbox to fit. The gear stick isn't in the same position on the five speed.


The gearbox mounts attached to the tunnel are not the same. You can either modify the gearbox crossmember or remove and fit five speed gearbox mounts.



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cheers snowy....what would the difference be with using the 2.0 diff?theres a member on here that mods the linkage so i can run the 5speed and not touch the tunnel,il get him to sort that out for me.

just need to find a prop shaft then

Even if you modify the linkage the five speed cross member won't just bolt up to the four speed mounts.

You will have to modify the cross member or mounts.

From memory the standard 2l axle ratio is 3.44:1 and the 1.6 is 3.7:1.

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Don't forget to fit the yellow speedo drive from your 4speed box into the 5 speed box.this is correct for the 1.6 axle ratio. Keep the red one thou just in case you ever fit a 2.0axle. The 1.6 axle will feel better on acceleration but revs will be a bit higher at motorway speeds.

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