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Retrorides Gathering At Shelsley Walsh On Sunday The 31St Of August

Devil Fish

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All, this is a fantastic event if you've not been to a Retro Rides Gathering before. Lots of rare retros from original to highly modified and you can watch a lot of them attempt the hill climb course aswell!


A bunch of us from the South Wales & Bristol area attend it every year, if you fancy coming along and parking your Manta next to us... let Martin know as we have a designated spot for the OMOC.






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Hi Jack

There should be 7 Manta's & a Monza on the stand plus Darrens 400R on the Retro Power stand.

Type in Shelsley Walsh & it should get you there, 2.25 hours from Dronfield.

They will park you up in the general car park & then you can wander over & join us on the OMOC stand, i am sure they will let you in from 8:00 am but that will mean you leaving your house at 5:45am :o  

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Yes it may be a possibility of me leaving a little but later than that because I will be running on empty if I get up at that time. Just imagining the 7 Mantas on the stand sounds great and when I get mine I so want to display it in these type of shows and definately take it to Billing every year. So you just typed in Shelsley Walsh and not the postcode right?

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Not going to be there i'm afraid due to it being around 2 hours 25 mins from me. If I had known about this event sooner I could have planned for it more and if I had a Manta I would have been up at the crack of dawn and shooting down for 8 am. I also could not have gone later morning because by the time I got there I would only have a few hours to look at the Mantas. :(

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