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C20Xe Wiring Loom


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There isn't one out there that will put it in the car without some work


But you can take the loom and make it go where you want.

I took the plastic lid off above the injectors, then unwrapped the whole loom.

Then take everything from the front of the injector rail when fitted in a manta (which is the long piece to the ecu) and fold it back on itself to come out the back of the rail.

It will now go down through the bulkhead and into the car


Much better than having the ecu in the engine bay

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Do you make the connections for pump, coil, etc at the 4 pin connector that's close to the wiper motor?


Looks like my car should have a lambda sensor fitted, if I decide to run without is it just a case of adding a connector to pin 20 and earthing it- there's no connector for pin 20 at the moment.


Would it be better to run with a lambda, if so what type do I need.  There's a large three pin plug not far from the ecu so I guess this is for the lambda sensor.



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defiantly use a lambda sensor helps sort it out. take loom to an auto electrician you can take loads of earth wires out and just use a common earth feed to ECU. get rid of the plastic part over injectors and have separate plugs for injectors.

looks and performs loads better.  cost me £100 and braided up nicely.

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